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I'm a filmmaker, videographer, video editor, colorist and photographer with experience in fashion, commercial, documentary, narrative, wedding, e-commerce, corporate, food, lifestyle and animation media projects. From high profile commercial shoots, live-action stop-motion, and fictional narratives to food videos, color grading and cause-based documentaries, I've tackled a bit of everything. While I have my areas of focus and expertise, I avoid limiting myself to one skillset.


Having earned a Master of Science degree in Cinema Production, my skills are leading edge and I readily embrace new technology, as well as the learning that comes with it. That's one of the things that attracted me to this field to begin with: the satisfaction that comes from constantly learning and improving my craft.

I've produced a broad range of content for social media including native Facebook videos that have accumulated over two billion views. I've also created content for YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Reddit, Snapchat, Tumblr and other networks. I have been creating top-down style food recipe videos from the beginning of the trend and grew with it as it spread like wildfire over the internet.


My past film-related jobs range greatly and include director, on-set editor, DIT, grip, director of photography, camera operator, assistant camera, video editor, colorist, sound editor, sound mixer, composer, photo editor, photographer and more. I also enjoy doing the occasional voice work!

My vast range of experience, up-to-date knowledge and ability to quickly learn and adapt make me confident and well-equipped to handle almost any task within the broad world of digital media. I'm always looking for new and interesting experiences, so don't hesitate to contact me about any kind of project! To me, variety really is the spice of life. 

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